Top 20 Questions

Q1. What type of business do you have?
We are in information Liquid Crystal Display manufacturing.

Q2. What is the purpose of this business?
The purpose of this business is to serve the electronic industry in need of a compact, light weight and power saving information display in internet related mobile communication equipment.

Q3. What is the key message or phrase to describe your business in one sentence?
We provide information display for compact mobile equipment to meet challenges of t
he information and digital era for light, thin and power saving priorities.

Q4. What is your reason for starting your own business?
We have 13 years experience in LCD manufacturing, we want to start this business combining our LCD, touch panel and electronic manufacturing knowledge and experience together for a complete solution to satisfy the daily increasing demand in COG, COF and touch panel display for mobile telecommunication and mobile computing.

Q5. What is your product or service?
We provide our customer with custom m
ade LCD, module assembly and design to meet customer's requirement. We also serve our customers with our standard models as well as our software engineering for a total LCD module solution.

Q6. Can you list three unique benefits of your product?
Flexible, quick response and low cost.

Q7. Do you have datasheets, brochures, diagrams, sketches, photographs, related press
releases or other documentation about your product /service?

Yes, we have datasheets, catalogue, CD-Rom, website and technical documentation fo
r people interested.

Q8. What is the product application?
Our display is for telecommunication, mobile computing, medical equipment, measuring WAP instrument, phone, PDA, e-book, etc applications and to be installed in customer's products to display information for man-machine and man-worldwide web communication.

Q9. What led you to develop your product?
It comes to a time that technology allows us to develop a display that is light weight, compact, low power consumption and pen based control panel for hand held mobile equipments which has a huge market demand in internet communication mobile equipment.

Q10. Is this product or service used in connection with other products?
Our product is a critical component for displaying information of all portable and mobile electronic products which have the capability to communicate with internet as well.

Q11. List the top three objections for customer to buying your product / service immediately?
Poor display quality, poor performance and poor delivery.

Q12. When will your product be available?
Available now.

Q13. Who is your target audience?
Motorola, Hewlette Packard, 3Com, Nokia, Acatel, Ericson, Panasonic, Casio, LG, Hyundai, Nortel etc. These are the famous and important names that every LCD manufacturer should be after. Yet, there are many less famous names but by no means least important. Those are the ones that will be in the agenda for our service to work together for the success to benefit the world with their creative products and services.

Q14. Who is your competitor?
The world market is too large for our display to be in keen competition. Like Sharp have a division for LCD manufacturing. It seems to be our competitor, yet they also outsourcing some LCD for some of their projects. Philips is our competitor for a certain customer in North America, yet we also supply some display to their product manufacturing division. Hyundai, Sam - sung, Wintek, Picvue etc. are some of the competitors we met in the market, yet we still have our own market share and expending. The world is still large enough to have more room for those LCD manufacturing company to grow with fine pitch, higher resolution, graphic capability and integrating touch panel with COG, COF, TCP mounting technology.

Q15. How is your product differentiated from that of your competitor?
tent in quality, reasonably shorter lead time and competitive in pricing.

Q16. What is the pricing of your product versus your competitor?
25% lower than Japan and 18% lower than Korea and 5-12% lower than Taiwan according to different project.

Q17. Are you making any special offers?
We are partnering with our customers and special partnership offer is ready for the right candidate.

Q18. What plans do you have for advertising and promotions?
Trade show in Europe, North American, China etc.
Website, Seminar, Conference, magazine ad etc

Q19. How will you finance company growth?
The investment from share holders is the main source of financial support. The supply of LCD, LCD driver controller and other components with credit from our vendors is another way for financial support to our growth. Thirdly, our customer with timely or advance payment is another way to support our growth. Thirdly, we are now working towards the making of our company a public one is our destination for financing company growth to a formidable one to meet competition.

Q20. Do you have the management team needed to achieve your goals?
Yes, we have a team of managements and engineers well proved in the manufacturing of LCD display, LCD module. We have also hired experienced LCD expert from abroad to upgrade us in LCD, COG, COF & TCP area to meet world standard. We have also set up sales network and hire capable international sales manager to promote our products. We have hire financial manager to set up accounting system of absolute transparency to meet public requirement and work towards the healthy financial growth.

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