INTECH LCD Group engaged in Liquid Crystal Display manufacturing in serving the industry with quality display for medical device, control system and consumer applications. The growth and sustainable future of Intech depends on our close cooperation and helpful feedback from customers on the demand and requirement for improvement. We are indebted to our customers for their orders as well as the contribution from every individual in Intech with a mind in making quality product to serve the world. Our company culture of create value into our customer's success is cherished by every individual in Intech.

Every organization has a reason for existence. the purpose of our activity and existence is to serve the industrial world with quality LCD. The value of us lies on whether we can satisfy the industry with their expected quality or not. To meet customer satisfaction is one of our goal to world class manufacturing towards excellence to meet our target. The continuous improvement in process control and workmanship is prided by us in our daily operation. The effort of rendering better service and quality product is the main theme of job satisfaction for Intech family. To embrace world class manufacturing technology is our aim to reach the top to serve for excellence. It is the only way for organizations to survive in this competitive world and the only mean for each and everyone in Intech to prove our value of existence in our mother earth.

Our 1,100 engineers, operators and staffs of Intech family is working hard towards technological breakthrough to upgrade our capability to do our job properly to serve our customer. We have people working on LCD process and material study to find a new way in improving our service. We have engineers working on COG, COF and electronic area to help design and make sophisticated device for our customer applications. Our dedicated family member is truly a friend to work with and you will find it a good experience to work with any of our staff towards the success of your project. We sincerely wish our message will get across to you for the service we render in bringing prosperity and success to your organization.


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